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Akhal-Teke Horses and their riders win the First Place in Italy

Team of Circus performers/athletes from Turkmenistan, together with their Akhal-Teke horses,
placed First in the Circus Competition in Italy.

Akhal-Teke horses demonstrated once again their superior athletic abilities,
combined with high degree of intelligence and superior willingness to work with heir masters.

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At the Akhal-Teke Ranch, we breed pure bred Akhal-Teke horses of several blood lines. We feel privileged that we can play a small part in the effort to preserve this unique ancient breed of horses, and in doing so we also enjoy what many monarchs were denied: Akhal-Teke’s unique personality, unsurpassed athletic ability, fluid gait, strong devotion to their people, and incredible beauty and affection.

Akhal-Teke Ranch was established in 1998 on the Palouse Prairie near Moscow, Idaho. Climate and natural conditions on the Palouse are similar to those found in Turkmenistan, ancient homeland of the Akhal-Teke horses: cold winters, plentiful lush pasture in the spring, long dry and hor summers with mature but nutritious grass available through the late fall. Arid landscape with deep river canyons of Clearwater, Snake, and Salmon rivers, and to the east vast Rocky Mountains forests offer endless trails for riding through thousands of miles of pristine picturesque wilderness. Nearby Washington State University and University of Idaho offer first class veterinary care. Conditions at the Akhal-Teke Ranch are well suited for “heavenly” horses from the Kara Kum desert.

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Our goal at the Akhal-Teke Ranch is to help preserve Akhal-Teke horses. The graceful, intelligent, sensitive, fearless, and athletic golden horses of Central Asia were known and revered by the peoples of Asia for more than 5,000 years. Archeological excavations in Turkmenistan and in high elevation frozen graves in the Pazyryk kurgans uncovered remains of refined horses of Akhal-Teke type, buried with their noble masters at the time of the Scythians. Recent DNA studies at the University of Kentucky confirm Akhal-Teke as the earliest domesticated breed of horses. While the horses were well known and desired by many, they were never plentiful and were always ferociously guarded. After all, they were the best, the ultimate highest technology in warfare and survival, and no nation gives up voluntarily such treasure to potential enemies. Over the thousands of y! ears, many rulers desired to posses these “argamaks”. Chinese emperor Wu-ti’s second army expedition to Ferghana captured and brought back to China a few horses, after it came back empty handed from the first expedition. The Emperor then started a huge breeding program, and eventually his army easily defeated their enemies who were riding smaller inferior Mongolian horse. Chinese Han empire was expanded, and the Chinese wall helped protect the territory. Alexander’s famous horse Bucephalos was an Akhal-Teke, and so was Ghengis Khan’s mount, to name a few.

 After thousands of years of careful nurturing and prideful protection, when Akhal-Teke “Argamaks” gained for their masters well deserved fame on all continents of the Old World, the last century engulfed these famous “heavenly horses” and their owners in devastating political and economic upheaval. Turkmen lost their freedom, traditions, their way of life, and most tragically, they! lost ownership of their beloved horses. A century of neglect under the Russian and later Soviet rule, when ignorant apparatchiks ordered slaughter instead of genetic preservation, severely reduced the gene pool. Heroic efforts of a few dedicated horsemen during those dark times preserved what constitutes today’s Akhal-Teke. Efforts of breeders in Turkmenistan, Russia, and other countries of Europe, in North America, and in Australia now utilize modern scientific knowledge to protect and preserve this unique genetic treasure.

Akhal-Teke Registry Data Base is now available for viewing!

Information on the pure bred Akhal-Teke horses is now available on the internet at the
AkhalTekeRegistry.com.  At this time this searchable database contains information on all breeding horses entered in the last two Russian General studbooks (numbers 9 and 10), plus information on all of their ancestors as far as the records go. Most of the current North American horses are entered, as well as many Russian and other European horses. We are continually adding and updating this information and pictures. You can search this database by various criteria, and easily find what you need. In one page you may see all ancestors of a horse of your choice, or you may choose to look at a traditional five generation pedigree.

For the last 12 years I have tried to make available to all of you, the Akhal-Teke lovers, my private collection of information on Akhal-Teke horses. My first efforts, directed through the ATAA organization, met with only limited success. While I tried to make my collection freely accessible to all of you via internet, the association directors felt the need to somehow profit from my work. Thus the Akhal-Teke Register, issued in 2002, showed only a small part of the data, and was printed on paper in a small and quite costly edition. Frequent updates were not readily possible.

During the last three years I searched for someone who would help me publish my entire work and make it available to you all. Fortunately I found the Buffalo Girls Company. Their work is not free, they need to cover their costs, but they kindly decided to do the work up front and get reimbursed for their costs over time from the users fees. Thus each time you access the Registry Database, you are helping to support this effort. As of today, your cost would be less than $0.46 per hour, less than a cup of coffee you may want to drink while you are looking.  Over time, after the initial start-up costs are paid, we hope that your access costs will be even lower. This Registry does not intend to make any profit, my work is a gift to you, and the future database maintenance costs will be kept to the minimum.  We hope that you will find this registry helpful in your work for the benefit of Akhal-Teke horses. Please contact us with comments, materials, and suggestions for improvements, changes, or  additions.

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